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30 年 ! 

I will post the Japanese and English versions from this point


私は半年ほど小倉南区で会堂を探しましたが、見つける事が出来なかったので、苅田町にある会堂を借りて、伝道を始めました。3名の先生と私と妻と2人の娘達、メリーとタバサは1万枚のチラシを配りました。 数人の人々がオープン集会に来ましたが、最初の5年間は私達7人だけでした。

ようやく5年目に教会は成長し始めました。教会の全盛期には40名の子供と25~30名の 大人達が来ていました。 しかし、その後いろんな事で10名ほどになりました。


「信仰の働き、愛の労苦、主イエス・キリストへの望みの忍耐」でした。 (Ⅰテサロニケ人への手紙1:3)


30 YEARS !

After I turned the responsibility of the Kitakyushu Bible Baptist Church over to a Japanese pastor, I began praying about the place to start the next mission. One day I took a friend from America to the top of Mount Sarakura. As I looked at the view, I could see that Kitakyushu City was growing in two directions – West Yahata Ward and South Kokura Ward. The Kitakyushu church was already in West Yahata Ward, but there was no Bible Baptist church in South Kokura Ward. That day the Lord led me to start the next mission in South Kokura Ward.

For half a year I searched for a meeting-place in South Kokura, but I was unable to find one, so I rented a building in the town of Kanda and started the church. Three Japanese workers and my family of four passed out 10,000 flyers. Several people came to the opening services, but for the first five years it was just the seven of us.

In the fifth year the church began to grow. In its heyday 30-40 children and 25-30 adults were coming to the church. However, for various reasons the number decreased to less than ten. Seven years ago when we moved the church from Kanda to South Kokura, there were only six of us. During the past seven years God has blessed the church a little at a time, so now 33 people (children and adults) attend every Sunday.

As I look back on the events that took place during these 30 years, it is a miracle that this church still exists. Two things explain this miracle. First, it was the will of God to build a Bible Baptist Church in South Kokura, so God protected His church. Second, there were church members who attended faithfully and served the Lord zealously in good times and in bad times.

The slogan of this church that was born 30 years ago was
[Work of Faith, Labor of Love, Patience of Hope].
(First Thessalonians 1:3)
With our hearts set on this slogan, let’s work together to build God’s church.

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