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しかし12月は、買物が楽しくなります。なぜなら、買物をしながら、私はクリスマスの歌と音楽を聞く事が出来るからです。今朝、 買物に行った時
“O Holy Night” と言うクリスマスソングのBGMが店の中で流れていました。

“O Holy Night” の歌詞を1847年にプラシド・カポーという人によって書かれました。彼は、それをアドルフ・シャルル・アダンと言う友達に作曲してもらいました。

“O Holy Night” を聞いた教会員はとても喜びました。しかし教会の指導者達がその歌の作者は「クリスチャンではない」と言う理由で、その歌を禁止ましたが“O Holy Night” の人気は徐々にいろんな国々にも広まりました。

“O Holy Night” でした。ラジオで放送された最初の歌は“O Holy Night” でした。

 ♬O Holy Night(さやかに星はきらめき)

 さやかに星はきらめき 御子(みこ)イェス生まれ給う
 長くも闇路(やみじ)をたどり メシヤを待てる民に
 新しき朝は来たり さかえある日は昇る
 いざ聞け 御使(みつか)い歌う
 めでたし 清し今宵(こよい)



I hate shopping. When my wife went shopping, I would usually sleep in the car. Sometimes I would take her to the store and then return home and wait for her to call me to tell me that her shopping was finished, and then I would go to pick her up.
However, I enjoy shopping in December. It’s because I can listen to Christmas songs and music while I am shopping. This morning (Monday) when I went shopping, the music of the Christmas Song “O Holy Night” was playing in the store.

The lyrics of
“O Holy Night” was written in 1847 by a Frenchman named Olacide Cappeau. He asked a friend of his, Adolphe Charles Adams, to write the music. The church members rejoiced when they heard the song for the first time at a Christmas Eve service, but when the church leaders heard that the composer of the music was not a Christian, they banned the song; however, the popularity of the song spread to other countries.

On Christmas Eve in 1906 Reginald Fessenden, a friend of Thomas Edison, performed an experiment with a microphone and a telegraph. He read chapter 2 of the Gospel of Luke. Around the world wireless operators suddenly heard a man’s voice coming out of their machines. The first voice ever broadcast on the radio was the voice of Reginald Fessenden reading the story of the birth of Christ.
Then Fessenden played a tune on his violin. It was
“O Holy Night”. The first song ever broadcast over the radio was “O Holy Night”.

 “O Holy Night”  
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of the dear Savior's birth!
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appear'd and the soul felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary soul rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn!

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