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青 い 車 


しかし先週、私は黒い車を処分して、とっても綺麗な青い車を購入しました。先日買物に行った時、私はすぐに自分の車を見つける事ができました。 なぜなら、私の車は、ほとんど黒色や白色やグレー色の車の中で目立つからです。









The color of the majority of the cars in Japan is white or black or silver. Until last week my two cars were those colors. One was white and one was black. Whenever I went shopping, I would use the black car. Many times, after shopping, I have tried to get into someone else’s car, for there were several cars in the parking lot that looked identical to my car.

However, last week I got rid of my black car and bought a pretty blue car. When I went shopping the other day, I was able to find my car right away, for it was the only blue car among many black, white, and silver cars.

A Christian should be like one blue car in a parking lot filled with white cars, black cars, and silver cars. In other words, the holy lifestyle of the Christian should stand out in a sinful society. The Christian whose way of living, way of thinking, and way of talking and attitude is different from that of other people should stand out.

To be a Christian who stands out in order to be a witness for the Lord, our characteristics should be these characteristics known as
“the fruit of the Spirit.”

Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.
(Galatians 5:22-23)

When these characteristics are visible in us, we will stand out among the people around us, and we will be given opportunities to witness about our faith to the people who notice.

We must not hide our faith. Instead, wherever we go, let’s be Christians who are like one blue car in the midst of many black, white, and silver cars.

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