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もう一つの注意点は、車線変更の時です。バックミラーとサイドミラーを見てもそのミラーに映らないところがあります。アメリカで、その見えないところを「BLIND SPOT」と言います。
英和辞典によると、BLIND SPOTは「運転手から見た死角」です。試験官は、チラっと後ろを見て、自分の目で確かめることを勧めました。

信仰生活にもBLIND SPOTがあります。

聖書に出る多くの人物たちにBLIND SPOTがありました。
アブラハムのBLIND SPOTは恐れでした。
モーセのBLIND SPOTは怒りでした。
ダビデのBLIND SPOTは性欲でした。

あなたのBLIND SPOTは何ですか。特にあなたを悩ます罪は何ですか。
それはあなたのBLIND SPOTです。 

私たちは、それぞれ自分のBLIND SPOTの存在を承知して、目を覚まして注意しましょう。



I took a driving test at driving school. After the test, the driving school instructor said, “We have been asked by the police to talk to you about two things which you should be especially careful.

One thing is coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. According to the instructor, many people slow down, but if there is no car coming, they proceed without coming to a complete stop.

The other thing is changing lanes. Even if we look at the back mirror and the side mirror, there is a spot that cannot be seen in either mirror. In America this spot is called a “blind spot.” The instructor encouraged us to take a quick look backwards and make certain it is safe to change lanes.

There is a blind spot in the Christian life too. In Hebrews 12:1 it is called “the sin which doth so easily beset us.” The word “beset” means to harass, trouble, or torment.

Many Bible characters had a blind spot.
The blind spot of Abraham was fear.
(Genesis 2 and 20)
The blind spot of Moses was anger.
(Exodus 2 and 32)

The blind spot of David was lust.
(Second Samuel 11)

What is your blind spot? What is the sin that especially troubles you? What sin does the devil use to interfere with your spiritual growth? What is the sin that tempts you more than any other sin? That sin is your blind spot.

Let’s each one of us be aware of his or her blind spot and keep our eyes open and be careful.
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.
(First Peter 5:8)

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