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竈門 炭治郎(かまど たんじろう)という男子の物語です。
英語のタイトルは「Demon Slayer」です。


しかし、フィクションではない本当に実在する「Demon Slayer」についての物語があります。それは、聖書に書いてあるイエス・キリストについての物語です。

神の子イエス・キリストは本当の「Demon Slayer」です。




しかし、黙示録19章と20章を読む時、私たちは「Demon Slayer」であるイエス・キリストがサタンを滅ぼす事がわかります。「悪魔は火と硫黄との池に投げ込まれた。」

Demon Slayer 


Do you know the comic “Demon Slayer”? It is a comic about a boy named Tanjiro. The family of Tanjiro was killed by a demon, and his sister was turned into a demon, so Tanjiro became a Demon Slayer to change his sister back into a human again.

This comic appeared in the magazine Weekly Shoonen Jump and it also became an anime series on TV. It has been translated into English too. As of December 2020, the comic had over 120 million copies in circulation. It is estimated to have generated total sales of at least ¥270 billion in Japan. It is considered to be one of the best anime of this decade.

Of course, this comic is fiction. However, there is a story that is not fiction, a story about a Demon Slayer who really exists. It is the story about Jesus Christ written in the Bible. According to First John 3:8, the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, is the real Demon Slayer.
The Bible teaches that the whole world is under the control of Satan. (First John 5:19) In Second Corinthians 4:4, Satan (the devil) is called the god of this world. According to Ephesians 2:2-3, the prince of the power of the air (Satan) is working in all people, so we all conduct ourselves in the lust of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and the mind.
However, when we read chapters 19-20 of Revelation, we learn that our Demon Slayer, Jesus Christ, will defeat the devil.
The devil will be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone. (20:10)

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