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今、日本に住んでいるクリスチャン達はキリストを信じる信仰のために殺される事を恐れる必要はありません。もし、いつか信仰のために死ぬ状況に置かれたら、私達は、キリストのために死ぬ勇気があるでしょうか?。 私達の信仰はキリストのために命を捨てるほどの強い信仰があるでしょうか?。

「あなたは、クリスチャンですか?」 たとえば、命を失う危険にあっても、キリストの言葉を思い出して「はい!」と答えましょう。

イエスは、みなの者に言われた。「だれでもわたしについて来たいと思うなら、自分を捨て、日々自分の十字架を負い、そしてわたしについて来なさい。 自分のいのちを救おうと思う者は、それを失い、わたしのために自分のいのちを失う者は、それを救うのです。」 ルカの福音書9:23-24


“Are You A Christian?”

An event that took place in the state of Oregon in America should cause all Christians to consider the sincerity of their faith. A man carrying several guns entered a university and killed one teacher and eight students. Before he killed the students, he asked them, “Are you a Christian?” The students who replied “Yes” were killed.

Imagine that you are the third or fourth student among these eight Christians. Before your very eyes the students who answered “Yes” to the question “are you a Christian?” were killed. When your turn came and you were asked, “Are you a Christian?” what would your answer be? Would you be able to answer “Yes”?

Consider also the Christians who have been killed by ISIS in several countries. Before they were killed, they were given the opportunity to renounce Christ and become Muslims. If they had denied their faith, they would not have been killed. Suppose ISIS captured you and asked you, “Will you deny Christ?” what will your answer be? If you knew that you would be killed if you said “No”, could you answer, “I will not deny Christ.”

Christians living in Japan don’t have to worry about being killed for their faith. However, if we were placed in a situation where we would have to die for our faith, do we have the courage to die for Christ? Is our faith strong enough to give our life for Christ?

“Are you a Christian?” Even if we face the danger of losing our life, let’s remember the words of Christ and reply, “Yes”. Then He said to them all, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.”
(Luke 9:23-24)

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