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開放されなかった1人だけの生徒はレア・シャリブさん(Ms.Leah Sharibu)と言う女性です。


この記事を読んだ時、私は自分自身の信仰を考えさせられました。 私の信仰はレアさんの信仰ほど堅い信仰でしょうか。




1 OUT OF 110 

On February 19 of this year, the radical Muslim group Boko Haram kidnapped 110 students of a girl’s college in Nigeria. In March, Boko Haram released 109 of the girls. The only girl who was not released was a girl named Leah Sharibu.

109 of the 110 girls converted to Islam, so they were released. However, Leah Sharibu, who is a Christian, refused to convert, so she was not released.

When her mother could not find her daughter among the girls who were released, she said, “I am very sad, but I am overjoyed because my daughter did not deny Christ.”

When I read this article, I could not help but think about my own faith. I wonder if my faith is as firm as the faith of Leah Sharibu? I live in a country where there is almost no persecution of Christians, so it is easy to confess Christ, but if I were placed in the same circumstances as Leah Sharibu, would I have the courage to be the only one out of 110?

Of course, the possibility that Christians in Japan would be placed in the same kind of circumstances is low, but are we confessing Christ daily at our school or place of work or in the neighborhood, or do we not have the courage to confess Him because we are the only Christian among several people?

Let’s store the words of Joshua 1:9 in our heart and be the 1 out of 110.
Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

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