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♪いざゆけ 無敵の若鷹軍団
 いざゆけ 炎の若鷹軍団
 我らの 我らのソフトバンク・ホークス♪

今年もソフトバンク・ホークスが日本シリーズで優勝して日本一になりました。 しかしペナントレース中、ホークスが優勝する可能性はとても低かった。一時期ホークスは5位にまで落ちました。1位の西武との差は12ゲームでした。しかし2位に上がったホークスはクライマックス・シリーズで西武に勝ち、そして日本シリーズで広島を破ったのす。まさに下克上でした。


しかし、黙示録によると、最後に私達はホークスと同じように勝利を得ます。 私たちは全てのクリスチャン達と共に神様の御座の周りに集まって、この「勝利の歌」を歌います。

「御座にすわる方と、子羊とに、賛美と誉れと栄光と力が、永遠にあるように。」黙示録 5:13




The instant I entered the store, my face changed to a smile of joy because the music of one of my favorite songs was being played in the store. It was this song.
(the Softbank Hawks Fight Song)

Iza yuke muteki no wakataka gundan
 Iza yuke honoo no wakataka gundan
 Warera no, warera no Softbank Hawks

Again this year the Softbank Hawks won the Japan Series and became the champions of Japan. However, during the season the possibility of the Hawks winning the championship was remote. At one time, the Hawks fell to fifth place. They were 12 games behind first-place Seibu. However, the Hawks climbed to second place, beat Seibu in the Climax Series and then defeated Hiroshima in the Japan Series, so when I go shopping, I enjoy the Hawks’ song of victory.

Sometimes Christians who are trying to obey the Word of God resemble this year’s Hawks. We experience various trials. Our daily Christian life is an intense battle with our lusts. Now and then we give in to temptation. We listen to the voice of Satan and become discouraged.

However, according to Revelation, in the end, like the Hawks, we shall gain the victory. We shall gather around the throne of God with all Christians and sing this song of victory:

Blessing, and honor, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever. (Revelation 13:8)

Because we know the time will come when we sing the song of victory, let us
be steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.
(First Corinthians 15:58)

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